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Located on approximately 1 acre between South Rd. and Dodds Narrows facing south towards Mudge Island the cemetery offers cremation, traditional & green burials, family plots and a Scatter Garden around the gazebo. The setting is beautiful with some large old oak trees which often have eagles perched in them. 


The cemetery on Gabriola Island has been in existence since 1882 when pioneer Magnus Edgar donated a small patch of his land for a cemetery where he buried his first wife. It was originally called the Pioneer Cemetery and was smaller than as it is today. The original boundary can be see on the map.

The cemetery does not pre-sell any plots.

The Gabriola Cemetery is meant for interments of Gabriola residents or others with close connections to Gabriola

Cemetery Management

Cemetery matters are managed by a board of volunteer trustees, currently six in number. The cemetery board hires a groundskeeper who cuts the grass and keeps the grounds tidy when required plus opening and closing cremation plots.

We do not conduct funeral services but will advise about them and provide some assistance if needed.

Cemetery Bylaws

The cemetery has some rules and regulations which can be viewed or printed by clicking >HERE to open the pdf document.

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